Who wants regular old mascara? NOT ME!

Every once in a while we all do this major clean-up job to get rid of junk we don’t use and donate stuff that other people could use. Well I did one not too long ago and it was hilarious to see the amount of old makeup that I had hidden all over the bathroom. It was in the cupboards under the sink, in the drawers, in the big bathroom closet, in my many makeup bags, on the little stand we have by the towel closet, and I’m sure there are a few spots I am forgetting! I have determined that I am a makeup hoarder lol. I do not like to throw out any of my makeup, just on the off chance that I may have some kind of event to go to that requires that specific item! It is insane, and I know that, but I do the same thing with clothes.

As I was finally letting go of all of the old makeup that I knew I would never use, or could never use safely because of its age, I came across a lot of different brands of mascaras. As I was going through them, all I kept thinking is how I wasted so much money on crappy mascaras that never really worked without even knowing it. None of the mascaras that I have ever used could hold a candle to 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. It is seriously the best mascara that I have ever used, and I will NEVER go back to using any other brand!

This mascara is far safer for your lashes than using extensions or falsies because it doesn’t do any damage to your real lashes. It is also far cheaper than extensions, because you pay a big sum of money initially and then have to continue getting fillings. With this mascara, you get the quality of extensions or better for less than half the price, and without the damage. With extensions, you’re stuck with the same look every day. With the mascara, if you’re going out to a party or event and you want added drama you can just put on an extra coat! If you want to tone it way down for a family function you can do that too. You have total control over your lashes and how they look with this mascara. Sound good?

Click Here to order!


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