FREE MAKEUP – Who’s In?!

Hosting a party with Younique is seriously the easiest thing ever! Gone are the days when you have to host parties at your house, have guests over, provide snacks, do clean up, etc. With Younique, everything can be done 100% ONLINE! This is so easy, anyone with a Facebook profile can do it .

I create the event, you invite and tag your friends, and then we all log in at a pre-determined time on a set date to party Younique style. I host parties all the time in my PAJAMAS! Once you invite and tag your friends, your job is pretty much over until the party when you just have to show up. I do all of the work putting out the info and the party games, and YOU get to reap the REWARDS of those sales!!

The rewards include Younique cash, half price product credits, AND with our January customer Kudos, a free set of Beauty Buds! All this for simply inviting and tagging friends. Sound good?

Click Here to visit my site and become a party hostess.


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