FINALLY got my 21 Day Fix EXTREME!!

Words seriously cannot express how excited I was to finally receive my 21 Day Fix EXTREME in the mail yesterday!! I have been really looking forward to trying out this new program by Autumn Calabrese, a figure competitor and Beachbody trainer who certainly knows what she is doing!

I am kind of an all or nothing person. If I am not all in with both workouts and a meal plan, I tend to slide off into the deep end when it comes to cheating with my food. I need structure to stay on track. I need something that tells me exactly what I can eat, and how much I’m allowed to eat of it, otherwise I sometimes over-indulge on the stuff I like. Even when you eat healthy food, it is still important that you watch your portions. Too much of healthy food can also hold up your progress, because even healthy food has calories and possibly sugars, sodium, carbs and/or fat.

What drew me in about the 21 Day Fix was that it includes a color-coded portion control system that takes ALL of the guesswork out of portioning out your meals! I absolutely love this idea, and can’t wait to test it out. The kit comes with a starter guide to get you off to a strong start with the program, then you go into the regular meal plan. I LOVE that the EXTREME version of this program also includes a competition-based meal plan to really bring out the insane results. It has been a goal of mine for a while now to someday enter a fitness competition, so this is a huge deal for me!

This program was designed to introduce people to what it means to portion out your meals, and it will teach you how to do it so that you will be able to implement this technique into your life long-term. Now this is called the 21 Day Fix because – if followed properly – it has the potential to help you lose up to 20 pounds in just 21 days. Others who have done this program have gotten some pretty amazing results in just one round, while some people who start out with more weight to lose may do the program a few times to reach their goals.

Please do not comment on this thread saying things like “there’s no way this could work in 21 days”, because I’ve heard it all before. Did I say that this program would solve all of your problems and help you FULLY reach your goal weight in 21 days? No, I didn’t, because the results are definitely going to vary from person to person. If you start this program with a significant amount of weight to lose, chances are you’re going to have to do the program a couple of times to get to your desired weight. However, it can help you lose up to 20 pounds in three weeks while teaching you some pretty awesome tools for you to use in your daily life long-term as you work toward your goals.

I was classified by my doctor as obese before I started doing Beachbody programs, and I honestly expected that after 1 round of a program that I would have the body I wanted. Boy was I wrong lol. I feel like this is something that a lot of us tend to believe, and we need to take a step back and look at the big picture. We didn’t put all of the weight on overnight, so it is going to take some time to get it off. If you take the time to learn and implement healthy habits like clean eating and working out into your life, you WILL get there.

The great thing about this program is that it GIVES YOU everything that you need to get started on this transformation journey. Between the meal plans, the workouts, the color-coded portion control container system, and shakeology you are bound to see some amazing progress in the short three weeks with the program. Once that happens, more often than not, people WANT to continue the program so that they can continue to see these awesome results.

I’ve also come to learn that as you get closer and closer to your goals, your goal has a pesky little habit of changing on you. You gain this drive to constantly do better and BE better. In my opinion, that is a good thing because it keeps us motivated to keep working instead of simply stopping once we reach our original goal. If you do give up upon reaching your goal, more often than not people tend to return to old eating habits and taper off with their workouts. What do you think happens next? They will most likely gain back all of the weight that they lost, if not more. The best thing about the 21 Day Fix is that it teaches you HOW to portion your meals, and after doing it so much with the program it will almost become second nature. Once you learn it, you can apply it to your life long after the program to ensure that you do not regain the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose!

Click Here if you’re ready to get started with the 21 Day Fix, you will find links for both Canadian and US citizens toward the bottom of the page.

Click Here if you would like to have a bigger challenge with the EXTREME version! Again, there will be links for both Canadian and US residents found at the bottom of the page.


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