21 Day Fix Transformation!

I know a lot of people with a significant amount of weight to lose tend to think that Beachbody program could never work for them, simply because most of the results photos show people that were already relatively small before with a ton of muscle and tone afterwards.

It is ‪#‎TransformationTuesday‬ today, so I wanted to show you some results that a woman over 200lbs achieved using the original 21 Day Fix. I posted this first in my free health and fitness group, and one of the comments is actually going to serve as an example for what we will be discussing next.

“Wonder how tall she is…cuz she looks great at 173 pounds…”

So, how is it that someone weighing 173 pounds could possibly look that good? The answer is pretty simple. Muscle is denser than fat! You can weigh more than you look if you’ve got muscle, and that is something of which I think a lot of people are unaware. I posted a picture to demonstrate this before, but here it is again.


You can lose a lot of fat and put on muscle simultaneously, and that may or may not reflect on the scale immediately. Everyone is different. You will most likely see a drop in weight initially, which is mostly water weight. However, the weight loss may seem to drop off after that. This is when a lot of people get discouraged and give up, and it is such a sin because this is the time before seriously great things happen for you!

You see, you may be shrinking in inches and size, but not seeing a dramatic change on the scale. That is why I tell people NOT to focus on scale, because it can be deceiving. You could have lost 5 pounds in fat and put on 5 pounds in muscle. In that case, the weight on the scale is going to stay the same, but your body will show the real change by a loss in inches.

For a more realistic way to judge progress, I always advise my clients to focus on before and after photos. You can also use measurements, and use the scale only periodically. DO NOT fall into the trap of weighing yourself daily. You WILL set yourself up for failure doing that.

Click Here to learn more about the program that this woman used to get her amazing results!

Click Here to read more about her story.


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