The FIX is BACK!

By now you have probably heard about the fitness program that has been on fire since it was released in February: The 21 Day Fix Extreme, as well as its original counterpart, The 21 Day Fix.


The concept behind the 21 day fix is that it typically takes 3 weeks (21 days) to make or break a habit. Autumn Calabrese is a bikini competitor for various fitness competitions, and she put this program together to deliver to those of us who would like to get all of the tools that we need to be fit and healthy in one place. Now this is not for everyone, and I am aware of that for sure. Some people prefer to pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars for personal training, gym membership fees, class fees, supplements, vitamins, etc.

With this program, you pay a one time fee and you get:

a) the full fitness program in DVD’s to show you exactly what to do and how to do it, a program that was designed by a figure competitor who knows her stuff!

b) a super strict meal plan to help you with the nutrition part of your journey

c) a color-coded portion control container system so that you no longer have to worry about counting calories, you just match the foods on your plan to the appropriate container and it gives you your portion!


d) a month supply of shakeology, our nutrition dense meal replacement shake that you drink once daily. This is something I use daily, and has helped me with my energy level, my regularity, curbing sweet cravings, among other things.

e) a month free trial of our club membership on the site, which gives you access to a wide range of information. You can even access VIP chats with some of the top beachbody trainers so that you can ask them questions and learn from them. PLUS, Beachbody ON DEMAND is being released in March for Club Members, which is something that you definitely don’t want to miss!

f) my support as your beachbody coach, as well as the challenge group I am putting together. When I started out, the challenge group that my coach put me in was instrumental to my success on this journey because it provided me with the accountability and motivation that I needed to keep pushing through.

How does this sound? I will be starting a FIXed Challenge Group set to begin July 6th, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to get started! I would love to coach you through this process and have you join me on this journey! If you’re ready to get started, all that is left to do is decide which of the programs better suits your individual goals and needs. If you are new to health and fitness, I strongly recommend the original 21 Day Fix. As you can see from the image below, that program means business, and will help you get some awesome results!


If you’re already somewhat into health and fitness, but could use help in the nutrition department or a bigger challenge physically, I would recommend the 21 Day Fix Extreme! Check out the photo below demonstrating some of the results that my fellow Beachbody coaches achieved during the test group for this program.


 If you’ve been considering this, or you read about it now and think that think is something that could help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me to chat. This is an amazing program that is changing lives all over the place, and I would love for you to be one of them. I would hate for you to miss out on awesome savings, so snatch this deal up while you can!

Click Here to purchase the ORIGINAL 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

Click Here to purchase the EXTREME 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

I look forward to coaching you through this process :)


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