BREAKING NEWS for all makeup-lovers

Today is a SERIOUSLY exciting day for me!! I have been hoping for bronzer to come out ever since I first started using Younique products as a customer. Ever since the announcement that a bronzer is finally being released in THREE different color combinations, I have been waiting very impatiently for this day to come. Don’t forget, but we also released brand new Pressed Blusher recently with 5 beautiful new colors as well!


As if THAT wasn’t good enough news, we also have 5 other products being released this afternoon. If you’ve been watching Younique for a while now, you may remember the November Kudos with the red lip stain. Well, get pumped ladies, because you can now purchase this lip stain in SEVEN beautiful new colors!!


Your eyes are in for a treat as well, because the new Splurge cream eye shadow has also been released in three different colors. To go along with this new form of eye shadow, we have also released a brand new brush! At the end of the day, you can even take your eye makeup off with our new makeup remover wipes.

You may remember the Hostess Kudos from January where your qualifying parties with Younique would earn you FREE Blending Buds. Well, those are back and available for purchase!!

In honour of the new launch, we also have brand new collections available for purchase. You can also save money by purchasing some of the new items, like the lip stains, in sets!!


If you aren’t sure what you want because there are so many great things to choose from, I totally understand. So does Younique, which is why our new Customer Kudos for March will give you money BACK in the form of Younique cash to be used for future purchases!!

US: Spend $75 get $10 Y-Cash

CA: Spend $90 get $12 Y-Cash

AUS: Spend $100 get $13 Y-Cash

UK: Spend 60GPB get 8GPB Y-Cash

Click Here to shop Younique!

Just in case you’re interested in a little more than just purchasing Younique, you should know that this is the BEST possible time to join this amazing company. First of all, a brand new presenter’s kit was just released this morning, which includes four of my personal favorite products, and much more. Between the new product launch, which will be great for sales, and the new markets we are opening into this year, which will be great for team expansion, it has never been a better time to get in on this phenomenal opportunity. My team is growing, and I would love for you to be a part of this!


Click Here to learn more about this amazing opportunity!


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