New Younique Presenter’s Kit!

With the release of 7 brand new products recently, Younique corporate decided to update our presenter’s kit! With the new products and collections having been launched March 1st, and the upcoming market launches in Mexico and Germany, it is the perfect time to join Younique. Big things are happening in 2015, and my team is currently expanding. I am SO excited to work with my team to make this an amazing year for all of us with Younique!

Check out the awesome swag you get in your Younique presenter’s kit for joining in March:


3D fiber lashes

3 precision pencils – Pristine and Perfect for the eyes, and Pompous for the lips

3 pigments – Sexy, Corrupted, Confident

1 lip gloss – Lovesick

1 Divine moisturizer

1 eye brush set – liner/shader, crease, and deluxe eye brushes

1 shade chart

1 presenter’s guide

1 March-August catalog

1 Younique storage box

The 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is a must-have for all makeup-loving ladies in my opinion! I don’t leave the house without it, and I can honestly say that it is our top selling product. It increases your lash volume and length up to 300x your real lashes, and it does so without causing damage to your real lashes! The pigments are another of my personal favorite Younique items, and I actually use sexy and confident for a golden smokey eye practically every single day – they are my staple colors! You use your perfect liner to line your upper lid, and pristine to line your lower waterline. Finish off your look with the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, and you’ve got a perfect look for the eyes! You also get pompous liner for the lips, as well as lovesick lipgloss. To keep your skin moisturized and looking radiant, you also get our Divine moisturizer – which is appropriately named!

The cosmetics in your kit give you an awesome base to start wearing the products, taking photos, and sharing them with your friends and family via social media to generate some interest! This is the best way to start bringing in sales, because your friends and family will respond more to looks that you’ve created yourself. In addition, you also get a number of other materials to help you navigate this business. All of this comes in a gorgeous black cosmetics case!


I absolutely LOVE the convenience of my Younique credit card, and I am betting that you will too! Wondering how this works? Well, instead of being paid every two weeks, you get paid just 3 HOURS after a sale is made on your Younique website! This money is transferred into a PayQuicker account in your name, which you can access online at any point. You can leave it in the account, you can transfer it to your bank account, or you can wait until your Credit Card arrives in the mail and use that to access your commissions for in-store purchases – and yes, you can even make withdrawals with it. This is a phenomenal system, and let me tell you, it definitely helps a lot in between paychecks!

This is truly an amazing opportunity, and now is the best time to jump on board. Big things are coming our way this year with Younique, and I would hate for you to miss the boat and regret it later! If you still aren’t completely sure that this is the right opportunity for you, feel free to send me an email with the subject line “Younique Opportunity” to I would love to chat with you to determine if this is a good fit for you. Ready to get started now? Click Here to go directly to my website to sign up! Want to learn more? Click Here to visit my Facebook page.

I can’t wait to help you build your business!

Let’s do this ladies – 2015 is OUR year!


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