Get paid to get fit!

I started with this amazing company as a customer, just about two years ago, using P90X and Shakeology to get myself back under 200lbs.  I have transformed my life using Beachbody Fitness programs and nutritional supplements.  Throughout my journey I quickly developed a passion for Beachbody products and decided to become a coach.  I became a coach after seeing results, because I wanted to be able to share this amazing experience with others facing the same struggles that I had.  As a coach I enjoy inspiring, instructing, motivating and holding customers accountable to their personal fitness and nutrition goals.  It is also a great source of extra income.

It is important for you to know that the workout programs and nutritional products that Beachbody has developed will provide customers with tools to get world-class results.  But the most important part of the transformation equation isn’t included with those DVDs or in a bag.  That is the support of your Team Beachbody Coach.  That is why being a coach is so awesome and rewarding.

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a coach.  Typically I see people come at it from a few different angles.

  • Most coaches are ambitious and want to help people achieve their goals to live healthier lives as well as use the coaching as an opportunity to earn income.
  • Some people sign up as a coach to save money on the stuff they already buy (since coaches get everything for 25% off).

Both of those reasons make a lot of sense.  If you are buying products every month, why on earth would you pay full retail when the cost of a coach account is so small?  No one wants to pay more than they have to, so it only makes logical sense to sign up for a coach account.  You aren’t obligated to “coach” anyone if you aren’t ready to or interested.  No problem!  Just maintain a coach account for the discount, with no obligation and the ability to cancel any time.

Or … use the coach account like I did — as a way to help others follow the same fitness journey you are on.  You don’t have to “sell” anything to anyone.  The customers are already interested in the products — they just don’t know where to start with fitness and how to get results.  That’s where the coach comes in, to answer their questions, motivate them, encourage them, celebrate with them when they succeed, and tell them which programs and supplements have worked for them and which ones haven’t.  That’s why this opportunity is different than other “sales” jobs.  We don’t have to sell anything.  The customers come to us already wanting to buy the products.  We are consultants to help them make the most out of their products.  We don’t sell.  We solve!  We have solutions to the problems they have (whether it is exercise, nutrition, supplements, accountability, motivation).  We are already walking/talking advertisements for Beachbody products because of our own results, so it only makes sense to get compensated for the business we are driving their way by the fact that our friends/neighbors/coworkers/etc. are now interested in the products after seeing our success with it.

I’m not a nutrition or fitness expert.  I’m just a customer who became passionate about a system that works.  I don’t have to have all the answers.  I just have to stay one step ahead of the person I’m helping.  It’s just like being a good parent.  You don’t need to know how to deal with a teenager if your oldest child is only 10 yrs old.  You just have to be one step ahead of her!  Anyone on Day 1 of their fitness program can at least help someone who hasn’t decided to order a program yet!  One step ahead!!  Beachbody also has GREAT resources to help us always be one step ahead!

Now that I’ve been doing this for a while, I’ve got a lot of it “mastered”, but it’s always new, always exciting, and it keeps me pushing myself to stay the course with my own fitness.  I get to see others reach their goals because of the help I provide, and that’s a huge reward.  The fact that it “pays off” financially is really just an added bonus!

To become a coach, it’s really very simple.  The best way to is to register as a coach and purchase a Challenge Pack during the “checkout”.  Doing that will waive the $39 sign up fee, and you’ll get a great discount on a new fitness program and Shakeology. You should know that this is an AWESOME month to be joining in this method, because we have four amazing challenge pack options available – including the BRAND NEW Beachbody On Demand!

Another way to do it is to just sign up and pay the initial cost of $39 for the “setup” coaching fees.  This covers your initial costs plus your first month’s coaching fee.  After that, it’s just $16 per month (for 5 websites, marketing, advertising, training, etc.)  to continue as a coach. That’s it.  And you can cancel anytime if you decide you don’t want to be a coach anymore. There is no pressure or fee if you decide to stop.  But if you are like me, once you get into it you’ll see what an awesome opportunity it is and you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

As a coach, I highly recommend being on Shakeology because it’s the #1 Beachbody supplement, and you will have a hard time building credibility and recommending it if you aren’t using it yourself.  So get an “autoship” order of Shakeology when you sign up — others will be much more likely to buy it through you if you are on it, and you’ll get the health benefits from being on it!  I make quite a lot of revenue from Shakeology sales because I use it, know how well it works, and I am passionate about it.

Coaches on our team have the benefit of being on the fastest growing team in all of Beachbody.  We pack a lot of firepower, and we also have the best training for our team of coaches which is why we have become so successful.

Once you sign up as a coach, I will send you training tools and information to get you started.  We also start a 60 Day Coach Training session every month that I’d encourage you to participate in.  If you just want to maintain a coach account for the discount, that’s perfectly fine with me.  You don’t have to do any of the training or coach others.  But if you are interested in building the business side of coaching, I want to help you be successful.  My team has been extremely successful, and it’s because I have excellent resources for training and duplication.  Your goals are my goals.  I want to see you reach your goals, both in fitness and in coaching if you choose to do it.

Take a few minutes to watch this video Introducing Team Beachbody .  I’m sure it will answer many of your questions about coaching. Feel free to email me at with the subject line “Beachbody Coaching” at any time if you have any further questions!

Ready to get started?


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