Which would you choose?

If you were choosing between each of these two kits, which one would you want?

These kits are priced exactly the same, yet the bottom one has way more product than the other. Plus it comes with a beautiful cosmetics box that you will be able to use for years to come. What is the difference? The top one is a regular collection, while the bottom one is our new March Presenter’s kit!

Our Presenter’s kits are priced to give us a great amount of value for an affordable price. This allows us to experiment with a wide variety of products right away, which, in turn, allows us to be more successful when promoting the products. People can often tell when someone has tried the product themselves, or if they are just trying to sell them something. It definitely helps to have a kit that includes so many of our top sellers, because this way you can be genuine when you speak about all of those items to your friends, family, and customers!

Click Here if you are ready to get started now! Feel free to fill out the form below to speak with me directly about this opportunity.


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