April Promotions

This month we have three awesome challenge packs for you to choose from as you embark on your health and fitness journey! First we have a couple of PiYo options: the PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack, and the PiYo Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack. Then we’ve got the P90X3 Challenge Pack, and the Ultimate Reset and Shakeology Challenge pack!


This program has been designed to give you amazing results without the use of equipment. Instead, you use your body to gain strength and flexibility while sculpting your body with lean muscle. The moves are easily modifiable, which makes it easier for people new to fitness because it allows them to simply modify moves until they gain enough strength to do them the regular method. This program is perfect for anyone that has issues with high impact activity. This program is low impact, but don’t mistake that for weakness because it is HIGH INTENSITY!

You can choose between two versions of this challenge pack. First off is the Kickstart PiYo and Shakeology Challenge Pack, which includes the full fitness program, fitness and nutrition guides, a 1 month supply of Shakeology in the flavor of your choice, as well as the 3 Day Refresh nutritional program to kick-start your success with PiYo! Second is the regular PiYo Challenge Pack, which includes everything described above, with the exception of the 3 Day Refresh.

For example, just check out the awesome results that these ladies achieved by using PiYo:

Interested in PiYo for yourself? Use the links below to find the appropriate pack for your goals, and for the proper pricing by location!

US PiYo Challenge Pack

US PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack

CA PiYo Challenge Pack

CA PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack


P90X3 was designed to mimic the amazing results that one can achieve using the original P90X program, but in half the time! This means that you can get the same great results as demonstrated by thousands of successful P90X veterans, with only half of the daily time commitment. This is perfect for people that want to get ripped, lean, and shredded – but don’t have a lot of time to devote to working out. Go hard for half an hour a day, follow the nutrition plan, drink your Shakeology, and get dramatic results!

To demonstrate what can be achieved in using this program, just check out the results below!

Interested in P90X3 for yourself? Use the links below to find the proper pricing by location!

US P90X3 Challenge Pack

CA P90X3 Challenge Pack

Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is not just your typical cleanse or detox. It does help you to eliminate toxins and waste in a healthy and natural way, but it also maximizes your cellular energy production, which helps your body to process food more efficiently and your systems to run more smoothly. You’ll learn to eat clean and take healthy supplements to eliminate toxins from your cells and organs that may have been building up for decades!

This program is perfect for anyone that suffers from irregular bowel movements, poor digestion, low energy, poor sleep, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lacks mental clarity, inflammation, or poor skin. It is also great for anyone that is new to health and fitness and needs a jumpstart to their weight loss journey, those who need to break through a plateau,

Unfortunately the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack is only available to those within the United States at this time.

This stuff is seriously amazing, I mean you simply cannot argue with these results!

Interested in the Ultimate Reset for yourself? Click the link below to learn more and view pricing details.

US Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack

Beachbody Challenge Packs are the complete package, offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals. The formula? Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success. With each Challenge Pack, customers will receive:
1) Beachbody Program Base Kit
2) Shakeology (Choice of 30-day supply on Home Direct)
3) Team Beachbody Club (30-day FREE trial membership)
4) Business Starter Kit & first Business Service Fee waived (included with new Coach enrollment)

If you would like to transform your body, you now have four awesome ways to do it. If you are unsure as to which would work best for you, feel free to email me at hfmxj@stu.ca with the subject line “April Challenge Packs” and I can help you narrow down the perfect CP for you and your individual goals and needs.

I look forward to coaching you throughout this journey !


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