Why is the article written below crossed out? Because it is no longer relevant, as the new and enhanced 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara is PATENTED, meaning there are no replicas. You can stop being fearful of those awful fake products filled with harsh chemicals, and enjoy the awesomeness that is 3D mascara!!

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Ladies, PLEASE be careful who you buy your 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from! In one of our local buy and sell groups we found a lady selling the mascara at a discounted price, which we are not permitted to do in the first place as per the presenter’s agreement that we ALL signed upon joining. Come to find out, she isn’t even a Younique rep and she is selling FAKE Younique mascara as though it were authentic!

She claims she just gets the products and then sells them, but her argument is flawed. If she were buying the real stuff, she would actually be LOSING money! If you are in the Fredericton and Oromocto area, be on the lookout for posts by “Shane Doherty Kelsey Collett”, and never purchase product from this woman. It is 100% fake product that she is purchasing off Ebay at a super low price and reselling it to people that don’t know better.

The fake product is FULL of harsh chemicals and junk, while ours is naturally based. In addition, buying that way means you will not get the love it guarantee, and therefore will not be able to return it for a refund if you aren’t satisfied. Even if you don’t mind the harsh chemicals and missing out on the guarantee, I would recommend you avoid this woman and go straight to the source where you’ll be able to get it much cheaper.

How can you tell if it is fake? 

There are three ways to tell if your 3D Fiber Lash Mascara is the REAL DEAL. First, check the packaging! If it has plastic covering the entire case, move on to step two, if not – IT’S FAKE. Next, check the back of the case. If it has a barcode, move on to step three, and if not – IT’S FAKE. Lastly, check on the back where it was made. If it says Pleasant Grove, IT’S FAKE! Please be careful where you purchase your mascara, because there are a lot of fakes going around.

The ONLY way to get the real Younique 3D Fiber Lashes is through a Younique Presenter.

Look it up if you don’t believe me!

Click Here if you would like to purchase it directly from the website and have it shipped from the company to your door!



  1. Maeghan says:

    Reblogged this on lovemakeuplovelife and commented:
    I said it once when I reblogged Confetti and Curve’s post, Beauty Buyers Beware, and I will say it again – ladies, always buy your cosmetics from legitimate, trusted sellers who are actually associated with the brand you are purchasing or retailers who are authorized to sell the products! In one of our local buy and sell groups, a woman was selling 3D fiber lash mascara for cheap, claiming it was authentic although she wasn’t a presenter. We checked it out and she is selling fake 3D fiber lashes from eBay!! That stuff is full of nasty chemicals and who knows what else. Authentic Younique mascara can only be purchased from a presenter, and it is made with safe, natural ingredients. If you want to buy knockoff cosmetics that contain poor quality ingredients and don’t work as well, I don’t recommend it, but that is your choice. But beware of people who are selling something they claim is authentic though they aren’t affiliated with the brand.. people are paying full Younique price, or a few dollars less, for chemical-filled knockoffs they thought were real. I don’t like seeing people get ripped off. If you want to try 3D fiber lash mascara, you can purchase it directly from my website,, and you can feel confident knowing that you are getting the real deal: a quality, safe product.


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