Makeup that lasts all day!

I applied my makeup roughly around 6:30/7:00 am this morning as I was getting ready for work. I worked all day, and when I looked in the mirror at 5:00 pm I was amazed at how well my makeup had held up throughout the day – especially my lip stain. I swear to you that I did NOT touch up my makeup throughout the day, not even my lip color. I ate throughout the day, and I even applied moisturizing lip balm because of my dry skin, yet my lip stain didn’t falter!

I LOVE not having to worry about how I look throughout the day, and it is all thanks to my Younique cosmetics. One product in particular is likely responsible for the lasting effect, and that is our Glorious Face and Eye Primer, which I use daily.

Here is a list of products that I used, and how you can use them to recreate this look:

  • I always start with Glorious Face and Eye Primer all over my face and eyelids to ensure that my makeup will hold.
  • Next I apply our BB Cream Foundation in Bisque all over my face.
  • I then use our Touch Cream and Powder Foundation set in Scarlet, and not in the traditional way. I actually just use my finger and dab some of the cream foundation on any of my red spots or blemishes, and I top it all off with the powder foundation.
  • The next step is to apply your bronzer. I start by applying it all along the cheekbone, and you can determine where yours is by doing “duck face” to bring out that line. Then you’ll want to apply it on the outer corners of your forehead and all along your hairline. I then pinch my brush into a line and just dab a little bronzer onto my brush to do the sides of my nose. Lastly, I do the lines of my jaw and under my chin. With this step you may want to apply a little down your neck and chest if you’re super pale like I am and need everything to blend well.
  • Now that the face is covered, we move on to the eyes! I start by using our Moodstruck Mineral Pigment “Infatuated” to shade in my eyebrows.
  • Next I apply our Precision Pencil in “Pristine” on the eyelid and in the inner crease of the eye.
  • I then apply my Splurge Cream EyeShadow in “Elegant” all over the lid and just under the eyebrow, as well as in the inner crease.
  • Then comes our Precision Pencil in “Perfect”, which I apply to both the upper and lower lash line.
  • The finishing touch for the eyes, as always, is my 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. I applied 2 full coats, and used my Younique lash comb to brush them.
  • The final application was my Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain in “Skittish”, which is definitely my favorite out of the stains I’ve tried so far!

If you’ve been searching for makeup that will last all day, your search is over! I absolutely love my Younique products, and I use them every single day. My lashes always look great, my makeup holds up, and my lips stay colored – all thanks to Younique.

You can enjoy these benefits as well! 

I hope you found this article helpful, and you are more than welcome to comment on this thread if you have any questions for me about my process, the products, etc.

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