BREAKING NEWS for all Canadian ladies!

Interested in buying Younique products? You NEED to read this!

*Up until now, we have not charged taxes on any of our prices. As of June 1st, this will change. We will be charging tax as we become officially registered in Canada.*

It is definitely in your best interest to take advantage of pricing as it is right now. You have 10 days left of May to make purchases and host parties without the added expense of sales tax. I’m going to post some super hot specials in my VIP group, so make sure you’re in the group! 

Our collections give you the most bang for your buck, hold the most value, and save you money off of the retail pricing. If you purchase your products before June 1, you will be able to avoid paying additional taxes.

I want to help my customers save as much money as possible while we make this transition into charging taxes, so be sure to get in my VIP customer group to access the sales. Younique is still competitively priced, as we are on par with (or above) the quality of Sephora brands and other high-end cosmetics companies. Our products are high-quality, naturally-based, and are not tested on animals.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions about this moving forward,

or visit my website to shop now!


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