Have you Splurged?

A few months ago, we released a new product called Splurge Cream Eye Shadow. This product has unexpectedly become one of my favorite products, and it is now a part of my daily makeup routine! Take a look at the following photos to learn why Splurge has gained the hearts of women all over the place:

To be honest, I was super hesitant to purchase this product when it first came out. I’ve loved every product I’ve ever tried from Younique, so that wasn’t the problem. However, I have tried many cream eye shadows in the past from different brands. Every single time I tried cream eye shadow in the past, I totally hated it. Why? Because it always went on heavy, and it would appear cakey. In addition, it would often crease and look increasingly worse as the day progressed. This was definitely far from the case with Splurge, and I fell in love instantly.

I’ve already written a post on the photo above, so Click Here if you want full details. However, I will say that these photos were taken upon my return home from a full day at work. I swear that I did not reapply my makeup, or touch it up in any way. This demonstrates that our Splurge does not cake on, nor does it crease or look bad as the day progresses! Instead, it applies weightlessly, smoothly, and looks beautiful all day long.

Splurge is currently available in FOUR awesome colors! Each month, we are releasing a new color. This month, we released Charming, which is the gorgeous green shown in the middle of the photos above. As you can see, we have Elegant as a peachy shade, Dainty as a light purple, and Tenacious as a brown. My personal favorite is Elegant, but I also like to use Tenacious in the crease to create a smokey-eye look.

Have you fallen in love yet? If so, Click Here to shop now!

If you want to try more of our awesome products, you should know that you can also find Splurge in some of our collections, as well as in our June Customer Kudos!


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