PiYo: No equipment. No high-impact. Try it here!

My entire body is sore this morning, and in the good way this time!

I’m not using any fancy equipment, or any equipment at all actually apart from my yoga mat. I am not even wearing shoes! You do not need equipment to work your muscles, because you can use your bodyweight to train. You also don’t need to do fancy jumps if you are worried about injuries, because you can still get a great workout without all of that high-impact activity. I initially bought this program because of an injury, and I knew I needed a change if I was going to continue to workout and not damage my body further. I am very pleased to say that this program hasn’t caused me any trouble at all with my existing injury!

This program has been designed to give you amazing results without the use of equipment. Instead, you use your body to gain strength and flexibility while sculpting your body with lean muscle. The moves are easily modifiable, which makes it easier for people new to fitness because it allows them to simply modify moves until they gain enough strength to do them the regular method. This program is perfect for anyone that has issues with high impact activity. This program is low impact, but don’t mistake that for weakness because it is HIGH INTENSITY!

I am only on day 3 of PiYo but I am LOVING it so far. I found a YouTube video demonstrating the PiYo methodology, and I wanted to share it for all of you to try:

Comment below when complete!

Clearly this program gets results! Interested in PiYo for yourself? Use the links below to find the appropriate pack for your goals, and for the proper pricing by location!

US PiYo Challenge Pack

US PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack

CA PiYo Challenge Pack

CA PiYo Kickstart Challenge Pack

Feel free to join my FREE Health and Fitness group for more workouts like this, as well as monthly fitness challenges!


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