Younique expansion to Germany… Kind of a big deal! Here’s why:

There are a million reasons why this expansion is a HUGE opportunity for those of us that are presenters prior to the launch. First of all, it allows us to prepare in advance and start building our following in Germany long before we actually enter the market. To name a few others…

Approximately 66 percent of the German population is fluent in English.
There are more than 51 million English speakers in Germany, more than twice as many as Australia and 73 percent more than Canada.

Social Media
Germany has about 28 million active Facebook users—the ninth highest number in the world.
On social media, the German user is a bit more reserved, and may read many posts on the same topic before “liking” or commenting.

Germany has the fifth highest number of ecommerce transactions in the world.
Ecommerce in Germany is forecast to double by 2018.

Cosmetic Usage/Buying Habits
Germany is the third largest mascara market in the world.
The average German woman spends more on makeup than an American woman.
German women use less makeup than American women, yet on average use higher-quality prestige products with higher price points.

So yeah… this expansion is pretty freakin’ awesome! If you’ve been on the fence, wondering if this is the right thing for you, you should reach out to me. I would be happy to chat with you and help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

If this isn’t the right opportunity for you, no worries! More $$ for the rest of us LOL! Kidding.. kind of.

Click Here if you are in any of our current markets, and you would like to learn more about the Younique opportunity.

Click Here if you are ready to join Team Empowerment.

Click Here if you are in Germany and would like to learn more about this opportunity.

PS: The first presenters in any new market always get special perks, so be sure to let me know if you are interested in this opportunity so that I can add you to our team information group. This will keep you informed on all things related to the launch, and will also give you plenty of warning so that you can sign up ASAP once we launch!


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