Exciting news is coming soon!!!

Right now all of us Younique presenters are super excited to learn about the HUGE news that Younique Corporate having been teasing us with for weeks now. There are a lot of ideas being thrown around right now, and people from all over the world are throwing out guesses as to what this news could be:

  • More profit on the compensation plan outside of status/performance
  • More presenter perks
  • Free presenter kits
  • A Younique APP!
  • Google + parties
  • Jewelry added to the catalog
  • Expansion to another country

These are just a few of many ideas floating around right now! What do you think this big news could be? Comment below with your votes! I would love to hear what you guys think it could be.

Whatever the case may be, it is definitely a really good time to become a Younique presenter. First of all, we still have the expansion to Mexico coming up as they will soon be able to join as presenters over there. Then we have the expansion to Germany for sales as well as presenters. We also just revamped our party processes to make our parties more fun and easy for our hostesses. As if that wasn’t already enough, we have this big news coming our way that could be a game changer for all of us.

Click Here to Join!!


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