My Y-Themed Convention Nails!!

I have to admit – I was super nervous to go and get gel nails! I haven’t had gels since first year of university when my older sister was going through beauty school and she convinced me to be her guinea pig lol. Having gels, and then taking them off before I was supposed to, ended up doing damage to my nails that took forever to repair.

I snapped a couple of nails over the past couple of weeks, and I knew that unless I cut them all, they would look absolutely ridiculous. And so the wheels started turning in my head, and I got thinking how cool it would be to get gel nails done with the Younique symbol somehow for the convention. The hair stylist that did my hair this past Friday suggested Kate Glenwright, so I looked her up on Facebook and checked out her work. It all looked great, so I booked the appointment.

When I went in we lucked out that she actually had the perfect shade of purple to match my business card, and I told her exactly what I wanted. I said “I want purple, the younique symbol, and glitter”. That’s really about all I gave her, and she went with it to create this masterpiece!

My nails looks absolutely incredible, and I cannot wait to show them off to the other Younique girls at convention.


Click Here to check out Kate’s work at The Nail Attic


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