Another month = another awesome Kudos!

Check it out ladies!! Today marks the day of a new month, which means we have a brand new customer kudos for you to fall in love with. Younique has heard your plea for bundles, and has continued with another great bundle this month: This month you get to choose 3 of your favorite lip stain colors AND 1 lucrative lip gloss at a discount. The kudos cost is only $66 USD ladies! You can pick whichever colors you want with this bundle, making it even more exciting for you!

If you have tried our Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain yet, you should know just how awesome it is. I personally fell in love with “Skittish” because I like bold colors, but “Shy” is also great. I’ve tried almost all 7 shades, and they are all great in their own right. It really boils down to personal preference! This goes on super smoothly and goes on to create a matte-like finish on your lips. It is very long lasting, and it will often last all day long (especially with the darker shades). Possibly the best part is that it is 100% kiss proof! The stain literally stains your lip tissue, so the product doesn’t rest overtop of your skin to rub off throughout the day. Once the stain dries, you don’t have to worry about having your lip color rub off onto your loved ones if you kiss them on the cheek. My nephew loves it, because he doesn’t end up with pink gloss on his forehead and cheeks anymore lol.

You also get to choose a Lucrative Lip Gloss with your purchase, which is amazing lip gloss that comes in 10 great shades. My personal favorite is Lavish because I love pink and I love glitter! Some of the glosses have glitter, others provide a matte finish without glitter. Our lip gloss is not sticky, and it goes on smoothly to leave your lips feeling great. The colors range from dark pink and red to light pink and red, nudes, and even a clear color which works great for applying over the stains or our lip liners! We also have you gluten-free ladies out there covered, because our gloss (along with many of our other products) is actually gluten-free.

These are some seriously amazing products, so snatch em’ up at a discount while you can ladies!

Click here to check out the Kudos details on my website. 


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