From wakeup to makeup!

This is honestly WAYY out of my comfort zone lol, but I wanted to show all of you ladies out there just how awesome these products truly are. I have terrible skin, so my skin is red and splotchy in certain areas. For that reason, I need products that provide full coverage. Younique most certainly has me covered, and this before and after was done prior to the release of the new foundation and concealers!

The look that you see here on the left is actually my everyday look for work. If you want to learn more about exactly what I used and how I used it, you can check out my video HERE where I describe my daily makeup routine. The only thing that is different is that I used lip stain in the video, while here I am wearing our new lip stick in Stuck Up (an exclusive shade that is no longer available).

Still not convinced that these products are superior to pretty much anything else on the market? Take a look at some of my fellow Younique sisters, and watch them transform:

If you want to recreate a transformation like this for yourself, and you just aren’t sure what you need or where to start, we have you covered. I have ordered the Cloud Nine collection for myself, and I honestly can’t wait to get it!! It has one of each of the new products, PLUS a 3D Fiber Lash Mascara +. Literally everything you need to create an awesome look just like we have. Click Here if you would like to learn more about this collection.

Visit my website to shop now!




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