Want FREE Shine Makeup Remover wipes?

Younique is so good to us! As you may have heard, sales have been through the ROOF lately and our stock is depleting for popular items. Certain things have been placed on backorder as we await more to come in. These products are still able to be purchased, they will just take a little bit longer to arrive. For this reason, Younique Corporate has decided to give a little something back for your trouble! Check out the statement from Corporate below!

“If you ordered a Younique collection, but one or more of the items is on backorder, let us make it up to you. Orders placed beginning November 18 will receive one (1) free pack of Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths along with your collection. Only orders of Younique collections containing backorder items are eligible (one pack of Shine cloths per collection). We will ship your backorder item(s) as soon as it is available and in the order it was received. Your free Shine cloths will be added to your order after the completion of checkout and are only available while supplies last.”

This is great news! Not only will you have a phenomenal collection of high quality cosmetics, but you will also receive a free gift at the same time.

Collections give you the best bang for your buck, and with Christmas around the corner, why not give yourself a gift this year? You could even get a collection, pick the things you want, and then use the other items to give to the other ladies in your life! The possibilities are endless, but collections are definitely the way to go if you have your eye on more than one product.

If you want to buy an entire collection for your favorite special lady, I am more than willing to help you pick out something that she would love. All you need to do is show me a few pictures of the special someone, and I will find some things that match her style! Let me take some of the pressure off you this year and help you pick out something amazing to give your lady friend for Christmas!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions, or if you need help color-matching the foundation and/or concealer to your skin tone! I am just an email away (jessica@fitnessbeautytravel.com) and I am happy to help.

Ready to get shopping?

Click Here to go straight to my website to look for the perfect collection.




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