Younique 2016 incentive reveal!

Today is kind of a really cool day! Younique is announcing a special incentive for presenters in January, and word on the street is that they might be announcing this year’s incentive trip!

My direct upline with Younique actually won this incentive trip this past year and got to go to Jamaica with her husband on a cruise paid for by Younique! How cool is THAT?! I plan to win that cruise ticket this year, and I would love for you to be there with me.

If you like makeup, I think you should at least consider becoming a presenter yourself! You’ll earn money on all of your purchases, have the opportunity to get all of your makeup for free and half price, and – earn cool stuff like cruises! 

Even if you never sell a thing, you’ll get your own products at a discount!

Think about it ladies!

Not quite fully informed on the opportunity? I’ve written posts to help you learn about the Younique Opportunity, as well as our team,  Team Empowerment. Know that with us you are never alone. You will have the support you need to thrive in this company, and I even have special training resources available only for those on my team!

Ready to get started on this new adventure?




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