What your support really means to me…

When I first got into direct sales as a Beachbody Coach, I really did sign up to help people only after having seen the proof that the programs and products truly make a difference having experienced it firsthand. I then fell in love with Younique, and I joined that company. I admit, when I started I was going about the business ALL wrong. I was posting constantly, basically just making sales pitches, providing absolutely no value, and using photos of random people and anything and everything I found off the internet. I was young and stupid, treating it as a “get rich quick” option.

I’ve since grown up, and I have come to the realization that these companies are not ways to get rich quickly. In fact, they take a lot of work. I am constantly learning, and making and effort to learn through webinars, podcasts, books, etc. I learned that it is not about the sale, but it is about finding the perfect thing that can make your customers happy. It’s about sharing something that you love, and helping others to enhance their lives in a similar fashion.

Unfortunately though, I know there are still people out there that hate my posts about Younique or Beachbody on Facebook or my other social media outlets. I am sure it has even cost me a few “friends” on Facebook at some point, and to that I say “Good riddance”. Seriously. Why? Because so many people these days are shaming those of us that are putting ourselves out there and  working our asses off to make our dreams a reality. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say “why do you bother, you’ve been at it for a year and you’ve only advanced two times?”, or “you’re not going to make any money that way, so why don’t you just give up and go back to school?”. This is honestly very hurtful, especially when it comes from the people that are supposed to love and support you the most. It takes hard work, dedication, time, and so much more to make your dreams come true, so nobody can expect it to happen instantly.

When I first started with Younique and began collecting commissions on that awesome purple credit card, I was spending it. It wasn’t much in the beginning of course, but it was still exciting none the less. I bought myself some new clothes, I used it to pay for gas, and probably a lot more that I am simply forgetting about now that it has been over a year with the company. Want to know how I spend that commission money now?


Seriously. I stopped using my Younique credit card for purchases a long time ago. I know a lot of presenters use it, and then they will post “look what my Younique credit card bought me”, which is exactly what I used to do too. It is exciting when you can buy things with money that you earned through your business, and you want to share that as a success. Personally, I have since realized that it serves me better to just save all of my earnings from Younique. When I have accumulated enough, I can then finally pay off my student loan debt from my B.A. That is why it makes me so happy when people purchase from me locally, or they purchase from me online through my website. It excites me because every sale is another customer that will hopefully love the products as much as I do, and every single happy customer gets me one step closer to making my dream a reality and paying off my student loans to finally live debt free.

THAT is what you are supporting when you purchase things from me. Not a drinking habit, a smoking habit, a tattoo obsession, etc. You’re supporting a girl that is trying to save up to pay off her student loans. When you buy from other people in direct sales, in many cases, you are supporting a mom trying to care for her kids, students trying to earn some money to get by, a person trying to support a family member going through treatment for cancer, etc etc etc. I read another blog post recently that totally nailed it, and if you have the time, I definitely recommend you Click Here and take a look.

People need to stop thinking of those of us in direct sales as the enemy, or as something to avoid just because we do network marketing. People seem to think that it is the lazy way to make money, but I can tell you with certainty that if you want to be successful in the network marketing industry you definitely can not get there by being lazy. I even know a person that was SO dead set against supporting someone in direct sales, that she went and purchased a product that I was selling straight from the website to deliberately ensure that she did not support me or anyone else. To me, that is just awful. You’re not supporting a huge corporation or CEO to line their pockets and build another vacation home, you’re supporting a real person that is trying to make an honest living and build a future for themselves. Obviously some people use these opportunities in the wrong way, but there are people that break the rules in every profession, and that does not mean that everyone else should automatically be ruled as unworthy of support because of a few bad examples.

Now I don’t know exactly where my life will take me, I mean, who knows! Maybe I will go back to school in a year or two to further my education. Why does that mean that I have to give up my business though? Can I not continue working on building my future while I am getting an education? I mean I am doing it part time right now already, because I do have a full time job… So my advice to you is this: If you have a loved one that is working in the network marketing business, please do not tell them to quit or tell them that what they are doing is stupid or worthless. I strongly believe that everyone should have a network marketing business on the side, which they can nurture slowly over time. Bit by bit, you could be creating a retirement fund for yourself. You could be creating an education fund to put your children through university, which is something that most kids, like myself, never had. If you are like me and you love to travel, you could be creating your travel fund. The possibilities are endless.

To anyone that has purchased anything through me in the past, or anyone that does so in the future, I just want you to know that I do truly appreciate your support. It is because of you that I haven’t given up, and that I continue to work at making my dreams come true. If you were reading this as the kind of person that avoided network marketers, I hope that this will help you to see that it is truly a great thing to support your friends and loved ones in their business endeavors.

Thanks for reading!




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