7 Quick Ways to Earn Points to win FREE Makeup!

I decided that I will be running a Mystery Hostess party in my Private VIP Group on Facebook. The way this works is I will keep the party open throughout the full 10 days and anybody who makes a purchase from the Mystery Hostess Party link will gain entries into the draw to win the hostess rewards from the party when it qualifies!

Check out the image below to learn the 7 ways in which you can earn points:


As you can see, there are more ways to win than simply placing an order! You can also earn yourself more entries in other methods. It is not featured in this image, but I plan to doll out an additional 5 points for every 10$ spent beyond 40$! There are lots of ways to win, so if you want a shot at earning free makeup from me, you’re going to have to visit my VIP Group and request to join. OR, if you place an order from me through the Mystery Party link, I will send you an invitation to the group via email to let you know you’ve been entered into the draw! This is a great way to get some of the makeup you’ve had your eyes on AND potentially earn yourself the rewards.

I will be posting all kinds of photos and videos to help you learn about Younique cosmetics all this week, so make sure that you’ve requested to join us so that you can participate!

Who is it gonna be? I hope you’re entered in the draw!




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