NEW 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara!

Okay, so by now you’ve likely heard the buzz about 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara, and you may be wondering…

What exactly is it?

What does the + mean?

How does it differ from the regular formula?

Well, you can stop wondering, because I am going to lie it all out on the line for you! But first… let’s take a look at some images so that you can see the difference for yourself.

I have been using 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara for nearly 2 months now, and it is amazing stuff! I love the luxury of being able to double up coats when I’m feeling some extra drama, or toning it down with 1 coat and still having awesome lashes without requiring damaging falsies or extensions. Check me out below rocking my 3D+!


There are so many amazing things that have been done to improve upon an already phenomenal product. First of all, you will find that the packaging is now super sleek and sexy! It is now easier to carry around in your bag in a cute little button-up case that fits easily in any makeup bag. The tubes have also been modified to have windows, which allows you to check and see when you may be due for a refill! The ease of use has been improved, as well as the length and volume a single application can create. The formula itself has also been infused with Uplift Eye Serum, which will now leave your lashes stronger and healthier after each use.

Next we have the switch over to US manufacturing, which will make shipping even easier and quicker!

Possibly the most important change of all is the fact that it is PATENT PENDING. What exactly does this mean?


We will no longer +++have to question whether or not the mascara is the real deal. We will no longer have to worry about whether or not the mascara that we have purchased is going to be damaging to our eyes. Instead, we will now have the comfort of knowing that this product is being patented, and it will soon be illegal for anyone to replicate and sell any products as though it were the real deal.

Benefits of 3D+ Mascara include:

  • Enhanced wand with a narrow tip to allow you easier access to your inner corners of your eyes.
  • It is easier to apply.
  • It applies more evenly without clumping, even during multiple layers.
  • Up to 400% the length and volume of your regular lashes with a SINGLE application – this can easily rise up into the thousand % range with multiple coats.Image of the Younique 3D Fiber + packaging
  • The wand is designed better to separate all of your lashes.
  • The fibers have been infused with Uplift Eye Serum to condition and moisturize your lashes during your wear, which leaves your lashes silkier and healthier after every use.
  • It has been ophthalmologically tested and approved!

Now let’s talk Packaging:

  • New visually appealing design
  • Luxurious look
  • Usage instruction imagery
  • 100% recyclable
  • New hourglass shape
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Smaller packaging fits easily in a makeup bag and/or a purse
  • Windows on the tubes, which enables you to determine when it is time for a new set!
  • Soft bag with a small pouch on the front, which you can use to hold lip stain, lip gloss, and either eye or lip liner.

Image of the 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara Box

Have you fallen in love yet? If so, read on to learn how you can order yours today!

If you just want to try a set of mascara, you can Click Here to visit my website and submit your order right now. 

If you are seriously in love, and you see yourself needing more and more as time goes on, or you think your friends could fall in love with this as well, you may want to consider joining my team.

Right now with the current +YOU movement, you can get an AMAZING kit that comes equipped with over 300$ worth of product. You get an extra 3D+ Mascara that you can sell immediately to make some money back off of your kit, you get FREE shipping, and you get a special +YOU charm. This is the last day for the current presenter’s kit, but the special with the free shipping, coveted charm, and extra mascara will continue until we sell 1 million sets of 3D+.

This is truly an amazing company, empowering women and instilling confidence all over the world, every single day!

If you have any questions at all about the 3D+ Fiber Lash Mascara or the Younique Opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me! I would be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

Ready to order? Click Here!

Thanks for reading ladies! Check out a few more images below if you need a little more proof!