New Products!

In addition to the amazing news about our 2 new country launches, we also had SIX new product launches this year!! This is so exciting, and I am really happy that I am now able to share this news with everyone.

First we have the Stiff Upper Lip, Lip stain which is now available in SEVEN vibrant shades! The lip stain was released in a bright red as a Customer Kudos in November 2014, and then was no longer available. The lip stain goes on smoothly, and it dries quickly. It has withstood the kiss on the cheek test multiple times, as it left no mark. I am really excited to try out the other beautiful colors!

Next we have Beachfront Bronzer, which is SUPER EXCITING! I absolutely love bronzer, and I know that it is one of the most requested products. This has been released in 3 different shades.

Then we have Shine Eye Makeup Removal Cloths. This is great in my opinion because I hate having to rub my Illuminate cleanser into my eyelids to remove my eye makeup, so I am really looking forward to these wipes! Click Here to purchase our April Kudos beauty bundle to get your Makeup Removal Cloths for FREE!

After that is the Splurge Eyeshadow Creams, which will be released one by one. Each time a new shade is released, you will be able to purchase a bundle of all of the shades currently available. To go along with this new product, Younique has also created a brand new brush: The Cream Shadow Brush. Check out the website from the link below to see what shades have been released so far!

Finally, we have our Blending Buds! This product was a previous customer kudos, and is now a product that is available for purchase.

These products have officially launched as of the beginning of March! Feel free to like my Facebook Business Page to keep up to date on the details of the upcoming market launches.

Click Here to shop new and old products! 


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