2 Ways to Earn FREE Makeup

Do you want to have high quality makeup, but struggle to come up with the necessary funds to afford it? Well, then this video contains a few options that you should consider!


1) Mystery Hostess Party – This option is pretty straightforward. I host a party, and everyone that makes a purchase gets their name put in a draw. When the party reaches qualification status at the close of the event, I draw a name at random from those who purchased. Winner takes home the half price credits and whatever Y-Cash (Younique credit) that was accumulated from the party to be used toward future purchases! You need to be in my private VIP Younique Customer group on Facebook for this one ladies.

2) Hosting a Party – This option always holds the possibility of getting half price credits and Y-cash, but right now I am doing a special of my own. Book a party with me, pick one of the items I have in stock as a prize, and then when your party closes and has reached qualification status… I will give you the prize you picked out FOR FREE.

Sound good?

Contact me to get your party booked at jessica@fitnessbeautytravel.com




7 Quick Ways to Earn Points to win FREE Makeup!

I decided that I will be running a Mystery Hostess party in my Private VIP Group on Facebook. The way this works is I will keep the party open throughout the full 10 days and anybody who makes a purchase from the Mystery Hostess Party link will gain entries into the draw to win the hostess rewards from the party when it qualifies!

Check out the image below to learn the 7 ways in which you can earn points:


As you can see, there are more ways to win than simply placing an order! You can also earn yourself more entries in other methods. It is not featured in this image, but I plan to doll out an additional 5 points for every 10$ spent beyond 40$! There are lots of ways to win, so if you want a shot at earning free makeup from me, you’re going to have to visit my VIP Group and request to join. OR, if you place an order from me through the Mystery Party link, I will send you an invitation to the group via email to let you know you’ve been entered into the draw! This is a great way to get some of the makeup you’ve had your eyes on AND potentially earn yourself the rewards.

I will be posting all kinds of photos and videos to help you learn about Younique cosmetics all this week, so make sure that you’ve requested to join us so that you can participate!

Who is it gonna be? I hope you’re entered in the draw!



FREE Liquid Eyeliner… Yes please!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to spread the word that Younique is giving away FREE Liquid Eyeliner to anyone that orders a set of 3 Splurge Cream Eye Shadows this month ONLY (December 2015).

Ladies and Gents (yes guys, I am talking to you too… this stuff would make a great gift for your special lady), I swear by this stuff. I have tried most of our shades, and I love them all. They are lightweight and long-lasting. They do not feel heavy or cakey on your lid, and they do not crease. I was apprehensive to buy a cream shadow when these were first released, because any that I had used previously had ended up being a waste of time. They would go on perfectly, and then within like half an hour or less they would crease up and look ridiculous. NOT OURS. I fell in love, and I am willing to bet that you will too.


This month ONLY, with every set of 3 Splurge sold, you will receive a free Liquid Eyeliner. This means that you will be one of the FIRST people to get their hands on this new product, because it is only available exclusively through this Kudos for now. Check out the image to see what kind of looks that you can create, and then click the link below to order your favorite colors and reserve your free liner!

Just in case you are not familiar with the different shades available, here are a few photos to demonstrate… including the three brand new shades just released December 1st!

Click here to shop!



Want FREE Shine Makeup Remover wipes?

Younique is so good to us! As you may have heard, sales have been through the ROOF lately and our stock is depleting for popular items. Certain things have been placed on backorder as we await more to come in. These products are still able to be purchased, they will just take a little bit longer to arrive. For this reason, Younique Corporate has decided to give a little something back for your trouble! Check out the statement from Corporate below!

“If you ordered a Younique collection, but one or more of the items is on backorder, let us make it up to you. Orders placed beginning November 18 will receive one (1) free pack of Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths along with your collection. Only orders of Younique collections containing backorder items are eligible (one pack of Shine cloths per collection). We will ship your backorder item(s) as soon as it is available and in the order it was received. Your free Shine cloths will be added to your order after the completion of checkout and are only available while supplies last.”

This is great news! Not only will you have a phenomenal collection of high quality cosmetics, but you will also receive a free gift at the same time.

Collections give you the best bang for your buck, and with Christmas around the corner, why not give yourself a gift this year? You could even get a collection, pick the things you want, and then use the other items to give to the other ladies in your life! The possibilities are endless, but collections are definitely the way to go if you have your eye on more than one product.

If you want to buy an entire collection for your favorite special lady, I am more than willing to help you pick out something that she would love. All you need to do is show me a few pictures of the special someone, and I will find some things that match her style! Let me take some of the pressure off you this year and help you pick out something amazing to give your lady friend for Christmas!

Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have questions, or if you need help color-matching the foundation and/or concealer to your skin tone! I am just an email away (jessica@fitnessbeautytravel.com) and I am happy to help.

Ready to get shopping?

Click Here to go straight to my website to look for the perfect collection.



Younique “halfie” challenge

Lately I have seen a lot of my fellow Younique presenters doing what we call a “halfie challenge”, so I wanted to give this a try. I used mostly just what I got in my Cloud Nine collection, with a few exceptions.

If you are one of the disbelievers, I hope this video has shown you just how great our products truly are. Especially for someone like me with a lot of skin issues. When you have crappy skin as it is, it is very important to be using high quality products on your face so as not to make things worse. My skin has actually improved on my face thanks to Younique products, and I only wish there was a product I could use on the rest of my body to help out the rest of my skin!

If you want to know what I used, the list is as follows: For my face I started with Glorious Face and Eye primer, I used our Touch Liquid Foundation and Skin Perfecting Concealer in Organza, and I used our Bronzer in Malibu. For my eyes I start out with our Brow Liner and Gel in dark, then I used Splurge Cream EyeShadow in Elegant and Palette 1, and I finished with 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to line my eyes and for my mascara. Lastly, I used liner in Perky and lipstick in Pretentious on my lips.

Ready to purchase these products for yourself? Head over to my website at:

www.youniqueproducts.com/JessicaJordanMunn to shop!



Remove makeup, marker, etc in seconds!

I always knew that our Shine Makeup Remover cloths were amazing at removing makeup, but what I didn’t know until recently was that it could remove tougher products as well.

Watch me as I draw permanent marker on my skin, and remove it in just a minute or two. Super quick and easy, and absolutely a must-have for any parents with a toddler that has a tendency to play with markers.

Need this product in your life? Yeah, I don’t blame ya one bit!


Jessica Jordan-Munn

Cloud Nine Collection

If you are interested in a few of our newer products, the Cloud Nine Collection is honestly the way to go. This collection features one of everything from our new fall product line, as well as a makeup tote bag, all at a discounted price.

To show you how valuable this collection truly is, I wanted to show you how I can create amazing looks using products from this collection. As I explain in the video, the only product used on my face that was not in the collection was our Beachfront Bronzer. Additionally, I did use Glorious Face and Eye Primer and our Shine Makeup Remover cloths in the other videos, but that did not impact the look.

Want to go ahead and purchase your Cloud Nine collection?



Evil Witch Makeup Tutorial

Want to learn how I created this evil witch halloween look? Well I will tell you exactly how I did it and what I used in this video. This look was created using 100% Younique products.

The top contributor to this look was our moodstruck mineral pigments. Wet and/or dry, our pigments are phenomenal for creating unique looks. Last year it was a zombie, this year a witch. You can come up with whatever you want if you have the right beauty products!

Our products are naturally based, and many are even 100% natural. These products are safer and healthier for your skin and for the skin of your children. Next time you have a need for some face paint, skip the traditional junk products you will find at retail stores and use Younique for an awesome look.

Ready to get some of your favorite pigments? You can buy them individually or buy in bulk with sets of 4 to save money. Visit my website to shop and order yours:

Thanks for watching!



How to curl your lashes without a lash curler

Do you hate the thought of using a lash curler on your lashes? Me too. That is why I have found a better way! This doesn’t mess up your makeup, it doesn’t hurt if you do it improperly, and it won’t rip out your lashes if done improperly either. This is a quick, easy, and SAFE way to curl your lashes.

I hope you enjoyed this video, and that you will now benefit from this tip!

Want some 3D Fiber Lashes?