Team Training


One thing that is absolutely critical to your success in ANY direct sales business is access to proper training. Now Younique has the essentials to do with our business covered in the four week training program that is set up for new presenters, and also through the YOUniversity that is accessible to all presenters in their back office. However, I have taken it upon myself to get additional training on social media, local prospecting, recruiting online, and more.

This training may be from the Younique convention, it could be from team or company-wide webinars, it could be from a training program that I have paid for, or it could be from a number of random webinars that I occasionally sit in on. During each training model, whatever the case may be, I always take a lot of notes. These notes will now be compiled on this page for all of the ladies on my team to access.

Enjoy Ladies!

How to Start (or restart) Your Network Marketing Business

Rise of the Entrepreneur

The Biggest Recruiting Breakthrough in Network Marketing in 10 Years

Learn How to Master Cold Market Prospecting

Talking to Prospects

This is what has been compiled thus far, and I have more coming soon from Younique Convention once I get everything typed up. I will be adding to this list as I go, so keep checking back for new training periodically!

If you are a current member on my team, please send me a message and ask me for the password to access this content! If you are not a current member of my team, but you would like information on how to get started, I invite you to email me at This is the quickest way to reach me! You can also send me a message on Facebook to Jessica Jordan-Munn, or find me on my business page at Younique with Jessica JM.

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