Are you ambitious, a go-getter, and a huge fan of cosmetics? If so, I want YOU on my team!


The SAME day that you become a Younique presenter, you will gain access to your own personal website that is easy to navigate and full of tools and training to help you rock your business and start selling products immediately. You will gain instant access to the Virtual Party system, so you can start booking online parties with your friends right away! All of this will help get you off to a great start as you wait for your presenter’s kit, which is shown below.


If you enjoy doing your makeup, taking selfies, and hanging out on social media – You are going to LOVE being a Younique presenter!


Other perks of the job include:


Yes, you read that right, we DO get paid DAILY! No more waiting for bi-weekly checks to come in. With Younique, you get paid just 3 HOURS after a sale is made. All of your commissions are added onto a PayQuicker account that you can access online at any time, AND you are sent a Younique Visa that is linked to you PayQuicker account to use for in-store purchases and withdrawals! You will never have to pay for any website fees, recurring orders, etc. PLUS, you NEVER have to host an in-home party if that makes you uncomfortable. Instead, you can take advantage of the Virtual Party system to host all of your parties on Facebook!

If you reside in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand – YOU can become a Younique presenter. If you currently reside in Germany or Mexico, stay tuned because this opportunity will be made available to you later this year as well!!

Click Here if you are ready to get started, and feel free to fill in the form below if you have any questions!



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