One Drop Wonder


One of our LimeLight leaders from Iowa was telling our CEO, Michele Gay, about this amazing hair oil that comes from the Osage Orange seed. These seeds are found in green hedgeballs that seemingly carpet Iowa in the fall. She mentioned that a chemist she knows was able to cold-press the oil so that it can be extracted free of chemicals. Out of curiosity, Michele reached out to the chemist to find out more about his oil. What she discovered was even more amazing then anticipated. His research proved that the Osage Orange oil, also known as Pomifera Oil, is an exceptional beauty discovery.


  • Pomifera Oil – cold-pressed extracted from the Osage Orange fruit seed. It is full of super antioxidants, rich in Omega-6, and UV protective. It repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, including rosacea.



Used alone twice a day, this oil will reverse damage to your skin, restore moisture, and give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. Pair with other LimeLight products, such as Sotoks, and watch how One Drop Wonder accelerates results by delivering a higher concentration of effective, natural ingredients into skin cells.


Pomifera Oil (Osage Orange Seed Oil).
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