August Band Challenge

Another month = another challenge!

If you are familiar with my challenges, you will know that each month there are new challenges for people within my  free health and fitness group. This month our challenge is with a resistance band, so if you have one of those you are welcome to join us!

I’ve given four moves per day, and you will do one set of each (minimum – feel free to do more if you want to). Each day you’ll get four new moves, and then the following week we will use the same moves throughout the week and simply increase in sets. For week 2 it will be a minimum of 2 sets, week 3 a minimum of 3 sets, and week 4 a minimum of 4 sets.

Weeks 1-4








If you are not a part of this group, and you would like to officially join the challenge, you are more than welcome to participate. Click here to visit the group page and request to join. Please only join if you are serious about wanting to learn about health and fitness. Anyone that posts in the group with anything non-relevant or tries to sell anything or spam the group will be banned from the group immediately no questions asked. This is a safe place for people to learn about health and fitness, so no spamming allowed.

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