My Transformation

#Throwback to the time when I weighed over 200 pounds and I avoided crowds at all costs, had zero confidence in myself, refrained from swimming for years because I couldn’t stand to see myself in a bathing suit, refused to have my picture taken because I didn’t want more proof that I was fat, and so many more side-effects to being overweight.

Enter Beachbody and the coaching system – My life changed. I found a great coach with an awesome team and a large support system on Facebook with people all over the world going through the exact same thing as me. Engaging with these people every day helped me keep my focus and stay motivated to continue when I had never been able to do that on my own before – not for lack of trying. Before Beachbody I had started and stopped with the gym and various workouts, never making it more than a few weeks. I had tried just about every weight loss pill, drink, wrap, diet, cleanse, etc. None of which gave me lasting results. I finally decided in May 2013 that I could not, and WOULD NOT let myself go through graduation year of university the way I went through my high school grad year – alone and miserable.

So I got to work with P90X, one of Beachbody’s awesome programs. This started me on a path that I will never forget. I’ve lost 55 pounds and counting. I now enjoy and look forward to the workouts that I used to have to force myself to do. I have a lot of fun, and I’ve gotten my life back. I have confidence in myself again. I have gone swimming in a bikini again. I finally had the courage to cross one of my dreams off of my bucket list this summer when I went backpacking through Europe.

Fitness isn’t just about losing weight. Fitness is about overall health and happiness, and when you are exercising and eating right you will start seeing progress that will make you feel great. That is what keeps you going, and the little milestones along the way that make you happy is what gradually starts to change your whole outlook on life. Before, I was grumpy and depressed all the time. Now, I am pretty content most of the time. Fitness and nutrition is a total mind and body transformation, and I owe this all to Beachbody for providing me with the tools that I needed to make this transformation happen.

Thank you #Beachbody

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