Do fit people discourage you?

I have actually had people message me on my page tell me that I shouldn’t be posting pictures of all of these people with super fit bodies on my business page because it is “fat-shaming” and makes people feel bad about themselves. My response is always this. I do NOT, nor will I ever, post something on business page for the purpose of shaming someone or making them feel bad. I post those photos to inspire, and to show people that those kinds of results ARE possible.

Sometimes I have people say things like “well those aren’t real/normal people”, or “yeah but they never struggled with weight in the first place”. My answer is always this. How do YOU know what that person has been through, and what makes YOU the judge of who is real and/or normal in this world? You cannot look at a fit person and say definitively that they have never struggled with weight issues. A lot of people look at me and say that they wouldn’t believe I had ever been classified by a doctor as obese, but I was.

When you see success stories, I don’t want you to think of it as shaming. I want you to let that be motivation for you to achieve your own success story! Try not to let those pictures of progress discourage you by thinking that they are so far ahead of you, because chances are, they started way before you and worked hard for months or even years to get the results that they have achieved.

I want you to focus on what you want to look like. I want you to imagine yourself fitting back into your old favorite pair of jeans. For me, the proverbial pair of jeans was my high school grad ring. I got it early and by the middle of my graduating year, it would no longer fit on my finger. When I started this fitness journey, I promised myself that one day I WOULD get back into that ring. I tried the ring on pretty much every week during my journey until I finally slipped it on, and it felt SO GOOD when I finally hit that goal.

I want you to feel as good as I felt getting my high school grad ring back on my finger. Click Here if you are ready to embark on your own journey.

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