Is your food medicine or poison?

So many people are getting sick these day, and you hear all the time of people having heart attacks at a pretty young age. Sometimes these health issues has a lot to do with what the people were eating. If you’re one of those people that can eat just about anything all day and night and never gain any weight, that does NOT give you a free pass to eat nothing but junk! You can be unhealthy and still be small, and then some day all of that junk food will catch up to you.

Just because you are not getting “fat” on the outside, does not mean that your body isn’t changing and getting fat on the inside. If your arteries get clogged up from all the junk that you eat, and blood stops flowing to your heart, you can potentially be the next person to have a heart attack in your 20’s or 30’s.

People need to realize how important it is that you take care of yourself. You need to choose to put good and nutritious food into your body! More important than that, you need to choose to provide good and nutritious food to your children. It is your responsibility to teach your children how to be healthy, and they will learn from you. If you are constantly eating junk food and allowing them to eat junk food, they will grow up eating junk food.

When my little sister was a toddler, we didn’t allow her to have pop until she was older. By the time she actually tried pop, she didn’t even like it. She hadn’t been introduced to it because she was always told that it was yucky and not for her, so she didn’t get it in her head that it was okay to have at that super young age when they are developing their habits. Kids need to develop healthy eating habits so that they don’t end up being unhealthy as they grow up.

Parents tend to forget that their habits can impact their children in a big way. If a child loses their parent because they had a heart attack younger than they should have from their poor eating habits, it will most-likely devastate them. We all need to be more health conscious not just for ourselves, but for those around us that care about us and don’t want to lose us to something trivial that could have been prevented!

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