‘Tis the season!

A great post about the season of giving, as we are just on the cusp of the holidays.

You'll get it when you're older...

Recently I was volunteering at my local foodbank with some work colleagues. We had done a huge food drive at the office, then spent a morning packing turkey dinner fixins for families, cleaning shelves, organizing food, and other helpful type things. The whole experience was a  lot of fun and really rewarding, but it also got me thinking.

When I was little I was in brownies (for like a year, but let’s not talk about it), and I went to church (for like, 23 years, but let’s not talk about it). Donating to the food bank, and toy drives for needy families was THE THING to do at Christmas. At brownies we would all try to bring in as many cans of corn and boxes of kraft dinner as we could each week in order to make a sizable donation before Christmas.  By the end of the holidays the food…

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