Are you a yo-yo dieter?

I was one of those people who started and stopped repeatedly before something finally clicked in my head and I actually stuck with it . There comes a time when you realize that you just have to suck it up and work your butt off for what you want! For me, that time came when I was finishing my third year of university. I realized that I was about to enter into another graduating year. and I was quite a bit heavier than I had been in high school. I was miserable the year I graduated high school, and I spent much of the year by myself because I was too self-conscious about my weight to actually go to any of the events. I did not want to go through that again, so I decided to put my foot down and make a change.

Changing your habits isn’t easy, and I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it is. It is hard work physically, it is hard work in the kitchen, and it is hard work mentally and emotionally. You need to exercise regularly, eat clean 90% of the time, and deal with the mental battles you will face when it comes to temptation. You will also need to deal with the emotional ups and downs that comes along with a fitness journey. You are going to give in to temptation at some point, and you’ll feel guilty. You’re going to see progress and feel great. You’re also likely going to hit a plateau at some point or maybe even gain a few pounds back, and you’ll have to deal with the negative emotions that come along with that.

The important thing is not how many times you slip up or make a mistake, but in how many times to get back up and keep fighting. One bad day is not going to destroy your progress, but one good day is not going to help you achieve your goals. You just need to keep fighting the mental and emotional battles, keep on track with your nutrition 90% of the time, and keep working out regularly.

Slow progress is progress, so don’t give up! Each time you give up, you will just put the weight that you lost right back on. Then when you decide to get started again, you’ll have even more weight to lose. You need to remember that the time is going to pass regardless, so you may as well keep pushing toward your goals.

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Are people trying to sabotage your success?

You probably wouldn’t expect this, but people (including those closest to you, like friends and family) do tend to sabotage others unfortunately. A lot of the time they will do it subconsciously, and they don’t realize that they are doing it. This happens because you act as a mirror to them, meaning that you reflect their bad choices.

Seeing you make positive changes in your life makes them feel bad about themselves because they know they really should do it too, but they don’t have the strength to do it. Instead, they try to bring you back down to their level and get things back to the way they once were. When this happens you need to be clear with those people that they need to accept that you’ve made these changes, and don’t let them discourage you from doing something that is going to improve your life.

It can be really hard, especially if that person is your significant other. Unfortunately I’ve seen many cases where one member of the relationship chooses to change their life for the better, and the other does not. What tends to happen here is the person that chose to make good changes will revert back to old habits to ease the pressure, OR the relationship will end up on the rocks.

This can be REALLY scary for people, because essentially in some cases you are choosing between your relationship or your health. The way that I see it though, is that if your significant other can’t support you in your decision to get healthy and they would prefer to make you keep your unhealthy habits – they simply do not deserve to be in your life. You should surround yourself with positive people that motivate and encourage you, not people who try to bring you down.

Having a good support system is crucial for most people to be successful on their weight loss journey, so it adds a lot of pressure when those closest to you are not supportive. If you have someone (friend, family member, or otherwise) like that in your life, I would strongly recommend that you sit them down and tell them how you feel. If they still won’t budge, I would consider how much you really need them in your life. If you don’t want to cut them out completely, it would definitely be a good idea to at least limit the time you spend with them temporarily. Once you’ve fully established your new healthy behaviours as habits, you can then reintegrate them into your life if desired.

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Thinking of giving up?

Are you considering giving up on your health and fitness journey because you aren’t seeing the results that you wanted? If so, I don’t blame you. I’ve been there, many times actually! I know what it feels like to be fed up and frustrated, and to think “what’s the point?!”. You get so mad that you are putting in all this work through your exercising, and restricting yourself from foods that you love for results that simply aren’t showing.

What I have learned throughout my own transformation journey though, is that if you want it now, chances are you’re going to want it again down the road if you give up. Take me as an example. I gave up multiple times, which means that I still had the same goals over a long time period. Giving up just means you’ll have to start from scratch at a later date to get the results you want. It took me a few years to finally try and succeed, because this last time I simply DID NOT give up.

The way that I like to look at it is that the time will pass regardless, so why not make the best of it by working toward your goals? If you look at it this way, maybe it will help you stay on track. You need to think of fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle change, and not a quick fix for weight loss. If you return to your bad habits after you lose the weight, all that is going to happen is that you’ll pack on all of the weight you lost. If you stick to good exercise and nutrition habits over a long period of time, YOU WILL see results.

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Create motivation through determination

I hear all the time “I don’t have the motivation to work out“, and I cringe. I know the feeling, I was in the same place a few years ago. I did not want to work out at all, and I had so many other things to do.. Including watching a bunch of television, Netflix, and surfing the internet. If I had just been willing to give up some of my TV and internet time, I could have easily found the time to do my workouts. IT WAS AN EXCUSE. I simply hadn’t made it a priority.

In the beginning of the journey, it is not about having the motivation to do it. Instead, it is about making a CHOICE to make it a priority to start eating healthier and working out. Make this choice to create a better body and a better life for yourself and the people that you care about. Once you start seeing results from that choice, and it starts positively impacting your mood and other areas of your life, that is when motivation kicks in and pushes you to continue. Don’t use a lack of motivation as another excuse to stay inactive, get moving and create your own motivation through determination!

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Sometimes all it takes is for you to make up your mind

One quote that has been resonating with me ever since I became a coach is that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. This could not be more true, and I’ve seen it time and time again. I can give you a million reasons why you should work out and eat healthy, but until you DECIDE that you need to change, it is not going to happen.

I can not physically force you to exercise, and I can’t force feed you healthy food or follow you around and slap your hand every time you reach for junk food. You are in control, and it is ultimately up to you to make the choice to create a healthier future for yourself!

You honestly just have to reach a point in your life where you know that you need to change for the better, no matter what the reason may be. For me it was because I was sick of isolating myself and being lonely and depressed. I wanted to regain my confidence so that I could start living my life again. Once you reach that point in your life where you just know that things HAVE to change, I sincerely hope that something will click in your mind and you will gain a sense of determination. That is what happened to me. I just knew I needed to make a change so that I could have a better life, so I decided to push through workouts that nearly killed me and to eat healthy because I was determined to reach my goals.

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Don’t let failures hold you back

This is something that everyone should live by, and it holds great meaning for those into health and fitness as well. You are bound to slip up a few times, or even a bunch of time, and make some mistakes along your journey. That is perfectly normal, and it would actually be kind of weird if you DIDN’T make any mistakes or slip ups! Everyone has bad days sometimes where they just don’t have it in them to resist temptation. The holidays can be tough, because you’re surrounded with yummy treats. Vacations can be a menace because it is easier to grab a snack on the fly than to make a healthy meal. You don’t have to be good 100% of the time, and it is okay to splurge a little bit occasionally.

The problem with these “slip up’s” is not that you had them, it is often the way in which you think about them. For example, you have a big meal over the holidays with dessert. That is okay, it is a special occasion and everyone deserves to have what they want over the holidays. However, if you start worrying about that meal and thinking that you totally destroyed your progress, you are going to run into trouble. That is where people go wrong and start thinking “well, I already screwed myself so I might as well have more treats”, or “…so I might as well skip my workouts”. Once you get into that line of thinking, it can be hard to bounce back.

You need to stop thinking of those slip-ups as failures, and start thinking of it as a reward for all of the hard work you’ve put in thus far. It is only a failure if you choose to quit because of those slip ups, instead of using them as motivation to do better!

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Do you make excuses?

I am in no position to judge others for making excuses, because before I got into Beachbody I came up with just about every excuse in the book not to work out and eat healthy. It is so easy to make excuses because we all have lives, and we all get tired after a long day at work. Some people I’ve spoken to are stay at home moms, some people work a lot, some people are strapped for money, some people lack energy, some people lack motivation, and the list goes on and on. These are all excuses that I’ve heard people use time and time again as reasons for why they can’t get into a fitness program.

Honestly though, no matter how true each of those things are, they ARE excuses. Before I get into any of those examples and cause an uproar with anyone who falls into any of those categories, let me give you my own example and show you what I mean. I used to say things like “I don’t have time to work out because I’m busy with school and work”, and it was true to an extent, but it was still an excuse. I WAS busy with school and work, but I also wasted A LOT of time surfing the internet, playing games, watching Netflix, etc.

Just like my example, the stay at home mom thing is also an excuse. I understand that being a mom can be tiring, and I understand that when you’re watching your kids all day long you may have a hard time finding the time to do a workout. However, even if you don’t want to do a Beachbody program, there are still plenty of simple exercises that you can do from home at night as you watch TV or even spaced out throughout the day when you have a spare minute here and there. My sister is a stay at home mom of a 1 year old, and he is a mama’s boy and likes to be held. She uses this excuse, so I told her to start doing squats as she holds my nephew. There are also Beachbody programs designed for those with little time to work with! Plenty of Beachbody coaches within my team are parents, some are stay at home parents while others have jobs in addition to parenting, but the common factor is that they find the time to do their workouts. It CAN be done, you just have to decide for yourself that it is a priority.

It is the same thing with the work example. A lot of people have full time jobs and work overtime to pay the bills, but plenty of people that do that are still getting their workouts in at some point. I know people that will get up at 4 or 5am just to get their workout in before leaving to start their day, or who will do their workout at 11pm or even 12am at the very end of the day despite how exhausted they may be feeling. Some people even work overnight shifts and come home and do their workout before going to bed! These are people that know their workouts are important, and have decided to make it a priority and not to let their work be an excuse.

I definitely understand the money factor can be a true factor for many people. However, more often than not, the people making that claim are losing money unnecessarily somewhere. For example, they have a drinking habit, they like to go clubbing every weekend, they like to go to Tim Horton’s or Starbucks for coffee everyday, they have a smoking habit, they like having fast food on a regular basis, etc. All of those things are examples of that which could be given up to provide the money needed to buy a fitness program. Again, it is simply a matter of whether or not you are willing to make your health and fitness a priority by giving up something that is unhealthy to provide you with something to help you BECOME healthy.

The energy thing is actually kind of ironic, because though working out does seem to decrease your energy in the short-term, it actually INCREASES your energy level long-term. When you are exercising regularly, you will actually start to find that you just naturally have more energy. This probably sounds crazy to anyone that hasn’t experienced it for themselves, but it is true. It just takes a bit of time for you to start seeing the effects, and many people give up before they reach that point.

Lastly, the motivation excuse, which is something that I prefer to call the Motivation Myth. Essentially what this means is that motivation often isn’t a factor when it comes to health and fitness. What really matters is that you are mentally prepared for the changes you are about to make, and that you want to reach your goals bad enough that you JUST DO IT. It kind of reminds me of how my mom used to talk about the challenge of quitting smoking. She has been smoke-free for three years now I think, and she always says that the reason all of her previous attempts to quit failed because she simply wasn’t mentally prepared to quit. As in, she didn’t want it bad enough. As she watched my grandfather’s health deteriorate, she knew that she had to quit or else she could wind up with the same health issues not too far down the road. Does she still crave cigarettes? YES. Does she give up and have one? NO. Why is that? Because her desire to be healthy long-term is more of a priority to her than simply giving in to temptation and curbing her craving in the short-term.

If you want to be successful with fitness and nutrition, you need to start thinking of it as something that you need to do if you want to reach your goals. If you keep waiting for motivation to come along and put you in action, you’re most likely going to let life pass you by never achieving your goals.

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Courage doesn’t always ROAR…

This is such a great quote!

Chances are you’ll struggle in the beginning, and it will be trial and error until you figure things out. What you need to remember though, is that the struggle is totally normal. You just need to stick with it and you will surprise yourself with the progress you make!

So many people get down on themselves because they can’t do certain moves, or they aren’t seeing progress on the scale, or they aren’t able to go running. Whatever the case may be, none of that matters. What matters is what you CAN do, and that you do it. Over time, you will get stronger and be able to do more.

You should always focus on simply being better than you were yesterday, not by trying to kill yourself doing too much too fast. Have you ever done that? If you have been the person that called it quits instead of sticking it out, are you ready to be courageous and try again?

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