Believe in yourself!

So many people see the previews for Beachbody fitness programs and think “I could never do that”. Well guess what, you would be absolutely right. You probably couldn’t do what they can do right out of the gate. I couldn’t, and I bet no beginner could!

What you can do is give it all you’ve got, try your best, and stick with it. If you have to follow the modifier in the beginning, so be it. If you have to skip a move entirely because you simply don’t have the strength, so be it. If you have to pause the DVD 20 times to get a drink, SO BE IT. Just get through it!

Over time you will get stronger and stronger and you will be able to do more and more! If you modified moves before you’ll find you can do the move the way the others do it. If you had to skip a move entirely, you’ll find you can do it modified. If you had to pause the tape 20 times for a drink, you’ll find you only have to do it 5 times. You need to forget about the people in the video that are super fit and have the bodies that you are striving for. They’ve already been through the program, you haven’t!

Believe in yourself, because you CAN do this. The question is, WILL YOU?

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