If you must compete, compete against yourself

A lot of people get down on themselves for not looking like an athlete or having the results that they want right away. They let that discourage them from continuing just because it is taking longer than they had hoped to look the way that these other people now look. The problem with that is that you don’t know their journey. You don’t know how long or how hard they had to work to get to the point that they have reached.

It is super important that you stop competing with people who have most likely been at it for years to get those results, and start competing with yourself! Make it your mission every day to do more and push harder than you did yesterday. THAT is how you get better, and that is how you will get awesome results!

It is a truly great feeling to master something that you could never do before. When I started doing P90X there were a lot of moves that I simply couldn’t do, and even more that I had to modify to get through. I had to pause the DVD quite a bit for water breaks during the cardio workouts as well. Imagine how I felt the first time that I did plyometrics (which is – in my mind – by far the toughest P90X workout) without pausing it, without skipping anything, or without modifying a SINGLE move. I don’t even have the words to describe it. You can experience that feeling too, but the key is to not give up before you do.

If you’re ready to start implementing some changes into your lifestyle, I would love for you to join my FREE Health and Fitness group. There you can learn about health and fitness in a safe and private environment with others who are struggling on a health and fitness journey as well. We do monthly fitness challenges, and I would love to see you participate!

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